PPRC provides capacity building services and technical assistance. PPRC is able to offer training to include educational proposal and policy development, leadership training and evaluation skills development that builds the capacity of organizations to assess their own program effectiveness. Recent workshops have included: logic model design, program outcomes development, qualitative evaluations strategies, and community advocacy training. PPRC customizes its training services to meet the specific needs of clients.

Training Sample – LegisBriefs Workshop: Developing Policy Briefs and Policy Memos

Our PPRC team can work with participants to develop concise, easy-to-read, and informative policy briefs. For decision-makers who want to know all sides of emerging issues, participants will be trained to develop briefs that provide: a wealth of insight into the issues that affect us all; a concise analysis you can read in minutes; the pros and cons so you understand all the arguments; international, national and local actions on the issue; charts, graphs, and other visuals; selected references if you want to know more; and the names and contact information for experts in the field.