PPRC tracks current trends in institutional reform (e.g., education, health, environment), highlights developments through research-based policy analyses, impact studies, and data tabulations. These effects help policymakers and community stakeholders make informed decisions that will most positively impact children and families in Hawaii.

PPRC responds to direct requests for specific, topic-related analysis. The studies tackle issues and trends from a refined perspective, often building upon survey results or state and local data to document results for a particular audience or locale. Through data collection, summarization, analysis, publication, and presentation. PPRC delivers vital information and updates on important institutions trends and their policy implications.

Fee-for-service products include:

  • Policy Research Briefs
  • Policy Review & Analysis
  • Policy implementation Support and Evaluation
  • Alignment Studies
  • Analysis of Pending or Current Legislation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Convening Conferences & Symposia (bringing together policymakers/stakeholders)
  • Community Outreach/Stakeholder Services/Advocacy Outreach

Example of topic-related analysis:

  • Alternative routes to teacher certification, teacher incentive pay, assessment, school reform models, school leadership, vouchers